The neighborhood of Nowe Warpno

The nature and a fresh air

Close to the holiday houses in Nowe Warpno You will find many interesting places and attractions that You can visit during Your trips. The attractiveness of the region is caused due to its location: huge waterbodies and woods. Mostly remarkable is the landscape surrounding the Szczecin lagoon and Nowe Warpno Lake. The nature here is uniquely charming and the waters are considered II and III class of clearness. One of the most characteristic features of the region is total lack of industry, no working factories and the air surrounding us is always crystal clear.

Monument and attractions

In Nowe Warpno the most interesting objects are the Town Hall from XVIII century and the Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from XV c. Those who are interested in gone times will especially focus on the town hall. The building was constructed using bolt structure (so called: Prussian wall) and it is only object of its kind in Poland that fulfills its initial function until today. That is why this is the most precious monument of Nowe Warpno.

During Your stay here with us we can also offer You some trips outside Nowe Warpno. There are some islands to discover like Uznam, Wolin or Karsibór. All of them are easy to get to using either land or sea communication. We also recommend You to visit the capital of Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship located 40 km from Nowe Warpno. In Szczecin You can visit Multikino, go shopping in exclusive galleries and see a lot of wonderful monuments of the city. 

On the German side there are some lovely fishing villages still waiting for You to have been discovered, these are: Mönkebude, Ueckermünde, Altwarp and Vogelsang. Stralsund is a city particulary recommended by us since You can find there one of the most frequently visited attraction in the city - the oceanarium. The largest aquarium in there has a capacity of as much as 2,6 million liters!

As You can see, either closer and those outlying places of Nowe Warpno hide a lot of attractions. Visit our holiday houses and see for Yourself by choosing one of several different excursions offered by us.

Nowe Warpno - Now and then (video)