Nowe Warpno

The Nowe Warpno health resort is today the westernmost city in Poland. Lying on the quiet peninsula between Lagoon of Szczecin and Nowe Warpno Lake is located just at the Polish-Germand border, it is also a capital of the cast commune inhabited by merely 1600 people. Our holiday houses are situated in one of the quiet neighbourhoods of Nowe Warpno, called Miroszewo.

According to German historians a word warp in the Pomeranian Slavs language meant "a place to anchor you boat". Life runs here in a calm rhythm of former, fishing and trading village along with its local attractions. Nowe Warpno became to be appreciated especially in recent years by Polish as well as German tourists. A number of people come in groups together with their families to visit the city and rest at the Polish sea. We would like to encourage You to come and anchor Your boat in Nowe Warpno in the following vacation time and see the phenomenal charm of that city. 

Attractions and relics

Apart from undoubted holiday advantages, in Nowe Warpno You can find a couple of local relics, an attractive history and interesting geographic location. Along with the information about having a rich background for fans of water sports, fishing and walking lovers admiring the nature closeness, Nowe Warpno is constantly becoming a real summer pearl between seaside towns.

A breath of history on the streets
Both Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from XV century and town hall from XVII c. are the most standing out from all the other buildings in the city. One of the most interesting thing is that since medieval times, Nowe Warpno have not lost the historical arrangement if its roads around the centrally located plaza. Mostly old houses remembering better times, have been build on a symmetrical lattice plan. There are also some modern designs that can be found in the city like yacht marina, post office, shops, cafés and restaurants that are also likely to welcome new visitors.

A paradise for sailors
Through the whole year Nowe Warpno is open for regular tourists as well as avid fands of water sports. Sailors are really welcome and for sure they will like the place. If You want to sail on lagoon waters You can charter a boat here and visit the marina. If any questions according to the stay and attractions seein in Nowe Warpno, do not hesitate to contact us, we will tell You all You want to know about our town.

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Visit and see Nowe Warpno (Photo: Cezary Skórka)
Curch of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary from XV century
Town hall build in bolt technique