Vacation with a pet

Your four-legged friends do not have to stay at home and miss You during Your holidays. You can bring them with You to Nowe Warpni and enjoy the fresh air in the countryside together.

Lagoon of Szczecin with Your dog

Our holiday house "Chic" is highly recommended for Your stay with Your dog. If Your favourite pet is the bigger one we can offer him/her comfortable kennel and You can take the "Posh" villa.

Your dog will surely be grateful and very happy if he does not have to stay at home and You take him with! He will for sure like the nature and landscape of Szczecin lagoon. You can enjoy long and pleasant walks nearby our houses since meadows and forests are really close and wait for the visitors. That is why we always recommend ourselves as a perfect place to spend the holiday along with Your pets. 

When booking the house just let us know if You are going to take the pet for a stay in the house (preferred quantity of pet for a stay: 2). For a furry guest we do not charge You.

Your pets are always welcome here!

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