Vacation at the beach

Vacation at the sea beach is one of the most popular ways of spending free time. In Nowe Warpno You can spend a great holiday time at the Baltic Sea. On the coast of Lagoon of Szczecin there are many resorts providing beach holidays in a way to encourage visitors to enter the water after sunbathing. Our holiday houses lay very close to the beach, You can make a short walk to the beach and take a refreshing bath in a cool water.

100 metres from the coast of lagoon of Szczecin

From both kinds of our holiday houses there are just 100 metres to the nearest coast! Canoeing, surfing or fishing are at Your fingertips. An additional advantage is that the beaches in Nowe Warpno are very rarely crowded. It will be enough if You walk a few dozen of metres to get to one of the wildest coastlines and You can feast Your eyes on a wild nature that will be Your only companion. 

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