Sailing and surfing

The lagoon of Szczecin by Nowe Warpno is well known and popular place among sailors and surfers. The waters of lagoon are visited by Polish sport amatours as often as by those from outside the western border.

In the harbour of Nowe Warpno You have the opportunity to sail on boats, canoes, You can enjoy kite-surfing or windsurfing. In the place many different courses and water training programs are organized by private companies.

Nowe Warpno - a paradise for surfers and sailors

The lagoon of Szczecin is extraordinarily attractive waterbody for sailors and in spite of sailing on mainly shallow waters (maximum depth is 8 metres), a lot of people chose exactly that region. The surface area of the waters along with adjoining Lake Dąbie is 1028 square kilometres - it is over two times more than the surface of The Great Masurian Lakes! Hence the waterbody of Szczecin lagoon is especially recommended to sailors beginning their sea sailing adventure.

The surface of Szczecin lagoon is also great for kite-surfing, windsurfing as well as canoe trips around local Nature Landscape Park. Warning: sometimes the wind on the lagoon can be very strong!

There is a sail marina in Nowe Warpno giving the opportunity to rent a private water equipment. If You have any questions or doubts concerning the attractions during the stay in our holiday houses, we highly recommend You to use the form on our website.

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A guarantee of the wind at Your backs
Nowe Warpni harbour (Photo: Cezary Skórka)