Meeting nature

During the stay in our exceptional holiday houses we encourage You particular to have contact with nature. An exceptional character of the region, mostly being a result of geographic location, impacts the variety of fauna and flora. 

The surroundings of lagoon of Szczecin are cinsidered the most untamed habitat of animals and plants within the region. To protect wildlife, in October 2005 the Nature Park was etablished "Nad Zalewem Szczecinskim" - means "at the lagoon of Szczecin", created at the initiative of naturalists as a result of realization of the cooperative project. It is located on the Polish-German border. 

A land in the Park is an environmental variety of wildlife of animals and plants. On these local watery meadows You can meet very rare black storks and cranes wading in the water. What more can be observed here are gilding kilometres a dull sound of butterbump mating is hearable. For nature lovers the opportunity to spot animals in their natural environment will be a real treat. Feel Yourselves invited, take the advantage of possibility to encounter with nature, come and relax in Nowe Warpno.

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