In winter

A fresh, winter sea air in Nowe Warpno becomes extremely sharp and refreshing. For those who search for silence after living and noisy summer, a holiday in winter seems to be a perfect idea. Tym, którzy poszukują ciszy i spokoju po gwarnych miesiącach lata, urlop zimą w naszych calorocznych domkach wydaje się być doskonalym pomyslem. Each season here has its own unique charm!

Nowe Warpno in winter months

When the snow covers beaches and the waters of Szczecin lagoon are deeply frozen, holidays on the coast are particulary romantic. It is the best time to spend it together with a family and a good one to sit down in front of the fireplace and enjoy the moment in two. 

Christmas and The New Year

Visit Nowe Warpno in time of New Year's and Christmas. In that time we do not charge You with any additional booking free! Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, to spend the winter holidays with Your family at the Szczecin Lagoon, without incurring any additional fees.

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Peace and quit
Land of ice and snow