In the lagoon of Szczecin every man keep on fishing will find a real paradise for onseself. Very often in the local waters You can fish a really great one! Mostly those who love to catch predatory fish should set oneselves to spend holiday in Nowe Warpno. All year long You can catch here amazing pike, zander or perch, other species can occur as well, for example bulltrouts, burbots, salmons or eels. 

Sea water hides the most beautiful ones

Into the waters of lagoon of Szczecin fall several river courses: Dziwna, Rędawa, Piana and Świna strait. That is why the majority of freshwater fish that live in large schools swim in here and grow up until they reach proper size.

In Nowe Warpno You can purchase special fishing permit, You can even rent a boat for fishing from local fishermen. In local libraries there are also many interesting books concerning the fishing of every kind.

Holiday for fishermen

Our holiday houses are destined for groups of 4 up to 8 people. We do not see any problem in organizing fishing holidays, quite the opposite, we encourage You to do so! Here we treat fishing as a real pleasure and a successful catch is in fact guaranteed.

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