Feasts in Nowe Warpno

Nowe Warpno is not just sunbathing and walks in the woods. The town, especially during the summer, gives You an interesting and varied cultural offer. In Nowe Warpno are regularly organized festivals, regattas, exhibitions and concerts. From our houses to the city and the center of events you can get in just a few minutes. 

Feasts, concerts and exhibition

Most events take place in New Warpno in the spring and summer, then the main plaza and marina are especially awakened. These are the areas where the events take place promoting Nowe Warpno. Below we listed the terms of the most interesting events of the past:

01.05.2014 - The opening concert - International Music Festival
     06.2014 - Feast in Ahlbeck
     06.2014 - Opening of the setting "Ogrody sztuki - Art Gardens"
     07.2014 - XLVIII staged Touristic Redattas
     08.2014 - Uniformed Services Football Tournament
     08.2014 - Music event under the slogan "Tak brzmi Nowe Warpno" - "This is the sound of Nowe Warpno"
     08.2014 - International Vocal an Choral Workshop
     08.2014 - X Fest of Bream Day

To be up-to-date with events or incoming feasts in the city visit an official website of Nowe Warpni www.nowewarpno.pl

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