Cycling trips

It is no secret that the bike trails around the lagoon of Szczecin are a real treat for fns of two wheels from our holiday houses. 

Bike trails around the lagoon of Szczecin

Bike trails network around the lagoon of Szczecin is well-developed both on German and Polish side. The variety of bike trails gives everyone opportunity to choose something for oneself as far as difficulty or length are concerned. 

Occupying our holiday houses You will be equipped with every map or guide You need for Your trips. We will take as much care us we can to make You save Your time in order to spend it solely on sightseeing. 

Nowe Warpno is surrounded with bike trails listed below:

- International bike trail around the lagoon Szczecin "R-66" (divided into different sections)
- Trail at the lakes of Mecklenburg (600 km)
- Bike trail around rivers Odra and Nysa (540 km)
- Border trail of Szczecin (60 km)
- Trail from Berlin to Uznam island (350 km)
- International bike trail around Baltic sea "R-10" (252 km)
- Bike trail "Green Odra" (155 km)

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